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Dance of Gods I: Spell of Catastrophe open wikipedia on the title Notes on The Dance of Gods
Mayer Alan Brenner open wikipedia on the author ( - )

Mayer Alan Brenner's "The Dance of Gods" series was published by DAW Books in the 1990s. A witty and intelligent science / fantasy crossover, Pratchett meets Zelazny meets Douglas Adams, it also prefigures Charles Stross in interesting ways. The series follows a cluster of raffish characters through overlapping and colliding story lines in a wonderfully realized world.

"The humour was never farcical, always intelligent, but there was a certain madcap, slyness to it which I haven't experienced in fantasy for quite a while. Some scenes had me laughing out loud -- not good when traveling with a bunch of strangers, but a perfect remedy to Life..." -- The Book Swede

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