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Kim Komando, America's Digital Goddess

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How to use the website:

We provide two ways to browse for books; this website - designed for PCs, and - designed and optimized for browsing directly with an internet enabled cell/mobile phone.

The web site is more informative and easier to use, but from the mobile site you can upload books directly to your phone.

  1. Select a book by browsing the titles available. You can also search for a book by author, title, and/or review using the Search area.
  2. Each title has a download page where you can download the book for later install to your phone. Using this method you can avoid any costs that may be charged by your mobile/cell phone provider, but you will need to be able to install a java program from your computer to your phone.
  3. If you can access the internet on your phone you can use directions on the download page to directly install the books to your phone 'over the air'. Using this method you may incur cell phone provider download costs but avoid the 'install from computer' step.
  4. Once the book is installed you should incur no costs reading the book.

Click on getting it onto your phone for more information

Reading on the phone

What if someone calls me when I'm reading?
No problem. Your phone should automatically 'pause' the book. Just answer the call as you normally would. When the call finishes, your phone should return to where you left off in the book.

Can I make call while I'm reading?
Yes, you can. Just 'close' the book by pressing your phone's 'hang up' button. Return to your phone's menu/area where you dial the number as usual.

How will I remember where I was up to in my book?
You don't have to - it is automatically bookmarked for you. Whenever you return to a particular book in your phone, it should automatically resume where you left off.

Won't it be hard to see the words on a screen?
Not at all. Its like reading an SMS message. You can also choose the font size to suit your personal preference. There is also a night-vision mode to make reading in the dark easy on the eyes.

Technical Requirements

What kind of phone will I need?
We package the book and reader together as a JavaTM program. If your phone can play Java games (most modern phones can), it can read our books.

Some phones, for example WindowsTM based smart phones, some Palm TreosTM, or iPhonesTM do not have java support built in out of the box. In many cases there exist official java environments you can install (e.g. an IBM java environment for TreoTM), or unofficial hacks that can be applied. If you have success with a workaround like this please let us know, we would love to be able to add it to our FAQ / gettingitonyourphone page.

We have made every effort to ensure that our reader will work for all JavaTM capable phones that support either MIDP 2.0 or MIDP 1.0 standards. However, in some instances phone manufacturers can vary their implementations. If you experience any problems please let us know by contacting us at We will be able to assist you if necessary and update our information provided.

How do I get the books onto my phone?
getting it onto your phone

Is it safe? Can I get a 'computer virus' on my phone?
To keep the phone safe the JavaTM environment is designed to restrict how programs can interact with the phone and phone services. The provider of the java environment (phone manufacturer / carrier) takes responsibility for controlling if and how programs might interact with phone services. For example before making an internet connection the phone should either prompt you for permission or require the application to have been cryptographically signed by the manufacturer / carrier.

Our basic reader only uses the basic text display and simple program only information storage. This means it cannot make network connections, cannot interact with bluetooth, cannot initiate calls etc. Showing you the text of the books is all it does.

We have a new reader that you can ask to send SMS messages or open a browser on our mobile site. These capabilities can only be initiated by you, your phone should ask you to confirm that you are allowing the operation. Additional functionality is called out one the individual book pages.

Privacy & Security

Your privacy and security are of paramount importance. Therefore, we ask for no personally identifying details.

Terms & Conditions of Use (summary)
For the full Terms & Conditions of Use: Terms and Conditions of Use

The books available to download from are in the public domain within the U.S.A., Australia, Canada, and in most cases, the U.K.. If you do not live in the U.S.A., Australia, Canada or the U.K., please check the copyright laws that may be applicable in your country.

At all times, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are not breaching the copyright laws that may be applicable in your country. BooksInMyPhone takes no responsibility for the copyright laws that may be applicable in your country.

BooksInMyPhone edits and processes original versions of all our books. We try to stay true to the original work at all times. However, from time to time, we may need to change its presentation format to accommodate ease of reading and/or its readability and/or transmission on electronic media. Additionally, whilst we endeavour always to ensure correctness and accuracy of the text (and where applicable, its translation), we provide these books in the spirit of reading for pleasure rather than for literary critique or text examination. At all times, we work to ensure that the essence of the story remains. The copy provided by BooksInMyPhone is only one version of possibly many that exists for any particular piece of work by any particular author.

BooksInMyPhone is not responsible for the content of any other websites or pages either linked to or from. does not endorse or otherwise sponsor such links. Such links are provided solely for your convenience and information. Follow links to other websites at your own risk.

BooksInMyPhone reserves the right to modify the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website and our Privacy Policy at any time. If we make material changes to either of these, we will advise that changes have been made by means of a notice on our home page. A version number appears at the end of the 'Terms and Conditions of Use' document for your reference.

At all times, it is the responsibility of the user to review the Terms and Conditions of Use prior to use.

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