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Lawrence Lessig - "a brilliant agile mind - absolutely extraordinarily prolific writer and speaker and above all an advocate for all the right things"

"If nature has made any one thing less susceptible than all others of exclusive property, it is the action of a thinking power called an idea ... no one possesses the less of it because every other possesses the whole of it ... as he who lights his taper at mine, receives light without darkening mine" -- Thomas Jefferson

Let Larry light your fire - read Free Culture



Kim Komando, America's Digital Goddess

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... overall the experience was a joy.

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Authors & Publishers

We are always looking to expand our offerings. We do our best to hunt out suitable distributable content, but it's a big big world.

The simplest distribution is of works that are DRM free, plain text, and for free.

We can package a DRM free book with any license you like, if you take a look at the Contemporary Works collection you can see works released under a variety of Creative Commons Licenses. We link to the licenses both on the web and in the distributed work to be sure the licensing terms are clear.

Our tried and tested workhorse reader is a plain text reader that recognizes 'chapter' breaks. All we need to work with is a nice clean plain text source document - but .pdf. .rtf, html, .epub, and many others are also convenient.

We just released a fancy reader that supports a typographic markup, a sort of html lite. The fancy reader supports font styles like bold, underline, and italic; text justifications; paragraph spacing and indentation; and images. This can really 'lift' a text and improve the reading experience - but the markup is more effort than the plain text. The books with typographic markup can be found here

For commercial distributions the choices and issues are a little more complex.

You can see our Contemporary Works are skewed towards science fiction, it's hard to tell if that is a bias on our part or indicative of which authors have been taking advantage of the new innovative licenses. If you can help provide some balance, or a new skew, we'd be delighted.

To open a dialog contact us at:



- Cell phone Books.
- Mobile phone Books.
- Your phone is your book.
- Nothing extra to carry.
- Convenient.
- Hundreds of titles.
- eBooks with you always.



Stuck? Not sure how it will look on your phone?

Follow the link for some screenshots and instructions.

Coveroo custom phone covers and cases

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A YouTube clip gives an amusing take on moving from the scroll to The Book.

Our Ancient selection
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