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Contemporary Works We are in the process of adding Creative Commons works. So far it's a small beginning. If there isn't something for you then check back latter and / or send us a request.



Kim Komando, America's Digital Goddess

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What's with the new look?

We are in the midst of a makeover!

Our friends at Hothouse Design have really lifted our presentation and usability. We are not done yet and will be rolling out more of their ideas and designs.

We will announce further developments over time.

Make your own toRead feed...

We have added simple user accounts.

You can now place books on your toRead list. The toRead list is accessable both here and on so you can search, browse, and choose in comfort on the 'big screen' - and then on the 'small screen' go straight to your toRead short list to download directly to your phone.

You can move books out of your toRead list onto your readIt list to satiate the collector instinct.

It might be interesting to allow you to share your lists with others. It might be interesting to exclude books on your lists from browsing and searches. Let us know what you think.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

We have added support for illustrations. Our first books has wonderful illustrations by Arthur Rackham, but they do inflate the size of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland from eighty kilobytes to over two megabytes. Let us know what you think of the functionality.

Drill into links or thumbnails with the ok / select key, scroll with left / right / up / down, ok will cycle you back to the text.

Illustrated works can be found here.

Discovery and Serendipity.

We have done some data mining of our download logs and built a very simple collaborative filter.

Now for each book you can drill into a list of books downloaded by that book's downloaders! We actually only list those books that are downloaded more frequently in association with the source book than they are in general.

We hope that by starting from a book you enjoyed you can discover an unexpected gem you never would have thought to search for. Alternately you can browse around and see what kind of books downloaders of Thus Spake Zarathustra are into.

At the moment we plan to update the books relationships intermittently, so don't be disappointed if your downloads are not immediately reflected on the site. We are toying with the idea of a reader rating or tagging scheme, send us an email if the idea appeals to you.

Better sharing through SMS - direct from within the book.

You are engrossed in a book and suddenly realize exactly who else needs to read it - now with a few clicks from within the reader you can SMS them the URL for the book.

Only MIDP 2.0 supports SMS and some phones will not support it. We start the message with a link to the book's page on our mobile site, and you can add what you like. Your phone may allow you to look up a recipient in your contacts - cool! The recipient's phone should notice the link and provide a menu option that will open a browser on the book you sent from.

Phone support for the capability will vary. We will be adding the capability to all our books over time.

Books with SMS support can be found here.

Now with bells and whistles - debut of our new reader with typography.

Today is the beta release for our new reader that supports typographic mark-up. This means we can make the presentation more natural and show more of the author's original emphasis and formatting. We will be rolling out more flexible formatting capabilities over time.

Please do let us know if you see any problems when using the new reader. There could be cases where we made an error or a bad choice in formatting.

Books with typographic support can be found here.

Sharing is Good, sharing works.

We encourage you to share; if you want to recommend a book to someone we would like to make it easy to send them a link. To avoid any spam taint we decided (for now at least) not to try to send things on your behalf. We simply want to make it easy to refer to us with your favorite communication tools.

One very cool use is SMS from the web; the receiver of an SMS with a book's URL can use one click to launch their phone's browser into the book download/install page.

We have added easy to copy / paste links to each book page. We also link to free SMS providers on the web - however there are many of these and we cannot recommend any in particular. You might be more comfortable SMSing yourself and then forwarding to friends.



- Cell phone Books.
- Mobile phone Books.
- Your phone is your book.
- Nothing extra to carry.
- Convenient.
- Hundreds of titles.
- eBooks with you always.



Stuck? Not sure how it will look on your phone?

Follow the link for some screenshots and instructions.

Coveroo custom phone covers and cases

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A YouTube clip gives an amusing take on moving from the scroll to The Book.

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